We <3 Muscovites

Russian dolls

As of yet, Moscow exceeds all my expectations. We have seen most of the musts up to this point: The Red Square, St Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin, the Armory Chamber, and of course – in true Muscovite spirit – we witnessed a Russian ballet production of ‘Swan Lake’ (it does not get much better than that folks).

Whilst the language barrier is immense (reading a map, with a different alphabet than the one used on actual signs is a complicated affair), we have met some helpful people who have disproved some of the generalizations of the Russian population.

Tomorrow evening we will be sitting in the trans-Mongolian, with no internet connection and no shower for almost 5 days (!)

– I promise to update with more detailed Moscow-rants and pictures once I’ve got better internet conditions, but expect as a minimum a 5-day hiatus.


To be, or eat a bee.

The day has arrived………..

In a few hours I will be standing in the airport, saying my goodbyes and boarding a plane heading for Moscow – (If you have read my ‘about’ page you will know the magnitude of the trip I am about to embark on).

Let’s just say packing was not easy!!!!!!! How do you pack for 5 months? How do you carry your unnecessary belongings around when you are traveling by train? Luckily I have a bag, which is bigger than my own body. It probably also weighs more than my own bodyweight – shall be interesting to see if I can keep my balance.

Oh, if only he could fit :(

The most difficult thing was not being able to bring my boyfriend :´-(
-We tried though